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We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporters of grabs, which has been widely used in sea ports for the purpose of loading and unloading materials in large quantities. We are in this field of manufacturing grabs for the past fifteen years and have so far manufactured more than 200 grabs of various sizes & models. Besides manufacturing of grabs, we also undertake repair, maintenance and operation of all types of grabs. The quality of our grabs has been widely accepted by all of our buyers, who have been using our grabs for the past one decade or so.


Mechanical Clamshell Buckets for four line operated cranes. (Two holding ropes & two closing ropes) The grabs are specially designed for charging and discharging iron ore, gravel and other bulk cargo. The Grab can be executed with open or closed shells depending on the job and the type of cargo to be handled. The Grabs are manufactured with high wear resistant steel, all bearings are of heavy duty and sealed for high performance.
This type of clamshell buckets can be obtained in several executions, depending on the material to be handled.